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Strategy & Execution At All Levels

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Data Visualisation

Make it easy for all teams to interpret and understand data through robust graphics and intuitive visualisations.

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Best Practice Templates

Organically implement Lean project management and continuous improvement processes with features built for best practice.

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Designed for All

A platform built to be used by everyone - not just the tech savvy. Engage 100% of your employees every day.

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Enable seamless data flow with core systems such as CMMS, EAMS and more via robust integrations.


Accelerate Action Through Transparency

TeamAssurance enables teams to visualise current projects, tasks and accountabilities across the entire organisation. Staff can see the contribution their efforts are making towards achieving goals in real-time. Plus, this visibility enables staff to identify potential blockers and communicate without silos to achieve success.

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Drill into the Details with Ease

Whether it’s the big picture or the granular detail you want to see, our platform makes it easy to frame and interpret information. Intuitive visualisations and user-friendly navigation make it a snap to delve into the detail.


What our users say

"Now we have complete clarity all the way through from a shopfloor goal to an operations goal into a business goal."

“Everybody here is using TeamAssurance. People that have experience in using computers and computer programs down to people that have have struggled in the past. ”

“It has fundamentally changed the executives connection to the frontline.”

One tool to align and empower your organisation