Where to Start with Tier 1 Daily Meetings


In an era where efficiency and communication are key, Tier 1 Daily Meetings have become an essential cornerstone for any successful organisation. They facilitate immediate information sharing, build team synergy, and accelerate problem resolution. However, for businesses new to this concept, knowing where and how to begin can be daunting.

This webinar full of practical examples and valuable tips, designed to empower you and your team with the knowledge and tools to make the most out of your Tier 1 huddles.

Key takeaways include:

1. Understanding Tier 1 Daily Meetings: We'll break down what they are, their role in facilitating Lean management, and the benefits they offer your team and business.

2. Starting your First Meeting: Get tips and strategies on how to introduce Tier 1 Daily Meetings in your organisation, and how to foster buy-in from your team.

3. Structuring Your Meeting: Discover the critical components of an effective meeting, including setting agendas, determining the right KPIs, managing time effectively, and more.

4. Leveraging Technology: Learn how technology can be used to streamline your daily meetings, improve collaboration, and ensure smooth remote participation.

5. Problem-Solving Techniques: Understand how Tier 1 meetings can be used as a platform for rapid problem solving, and get tips on how to handle challenges and objections.

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