Digitising your Daily Functional (Tier 2) Meetings


Harnessing technology's power to improve team efficiency, collaboration and communication is vital.

In this webinar, we delve into how you can digitise your Tier 2 Daily Functional Meetings, a key component of Lean management systems that focuses on departmental or functional activities. We guide you through the process, and the tools that support them. Highlighting the benefits and addressing potential challenges along the way.

Key takeaways include:

1) Understanding Tier 2 Daily Functional Meetings: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Tier 2 meetings, their role in a Lean management system, and how they differ from Tier 1 meetings.

2) Benefits of Digitizing: Discover the advantages of digitizing your Tier 2 meetings, including increased flexibility, better documentation, and improved accessibility for remote team members.

3) Tools and Platforms: We'll walk you through an array of digital tools and platforms available for hosting digital meetings, comparing their features, costs, and usability to help you make an informed choice.

4) Transitioning to Digital Meetings: Get practical tips and strategies to transition your team from traditional to digital meetings smoothly, addressing common concerns, and promoting team buy-in.

5) Troubleshooting Common Issues: Learn how to navigate common technical issues that may arise during digital meetings, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily functions.

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