Front cover of daily management system best practices eBook

Your Guide to DMS Best Practices

Daily Management is the most powerful continuous improvement tool in an organisation.

In this ebook we define:

  • The key characteristics of a world-class DMS
  • How to enable the PDCA cycle at every level of your organisation.
  • How Daily Management fits into the broader continuous improvement framework.
  • The benefits of using a digital platform for your daily management system.

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How a DMS Supports Pact Group

Following best practice and committing to change from Day 1 has led to:

  • A 2/3 reduction in safety incidents.
  • On-time, on-budget delivery of critical asset renewal projects and productivity program.
  • Daily feedback loops for clear task prioritisation thanks to direct frontline contribution.
  • Ability to fit in strategic work alongside routine, daily activities. -
  • Customers reporting higher quality and levels of service.
That's just a small portion of the benefits that are revealing themselves each day through rapid, virtuous cycles of improvement. Learn how to build a world-class DMS like Pact with our accompanying guide.